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Rotogravure printing cylinders


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Companty History

TECNOPRINT S.r.l. was founded in 1978 in Paderno Dugnano and for over 40 years it has been manufacturing cylinders for rotogravure printing. The company is able to satisfy any type of request, our production ranges from the pharmaceutical to the food sector without forgetting textiles, furnishings, leathers, woods, wallpapers, gift papers, transfers. and everything that is possible to print in rotogravure. In 1994, the company was moved to the current headquarters in Nova Milanese, Via G. Galilei 1, occupying an area of about 3,000 meters of which 1,700 are used for production.
Over the years TECNOPRINT S.r.l. continues his work, always keeping at the forefront in the technological field. In 2010, a complete system was installed for autotypic engraving with exposure to the LASER capable of reaching depth and giving higher print quality. In 2016 a Direct Laser was added for the engraving of cylinders for embossing.

company phiplosopy

Thanks to continuous investments we are today among the leaders of the sector and to maintain that position we strive every day giving greater importance to quality, service and developing continuously the production processes which are the basis of our success.

Our productions

We produce rotogravure printing cylinders for the following industrial sectors:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Similar Leather
  • Similar Wood  Wallpaper
  • Gift paper
  • Transfer
  • Furniture


  • Cylinders for embossing

production departments

Galvanic Department

The department is equipped with an automatic system design to implement the various processes for preparing the surface of the cylinder, such as copper plating and polishing, and later chorme plating and polishing.

Reparto Galvano - Rotocalco

Electronic Engraving

We hace three machines Ohio Electronic Engraving:

Tw Ohio M820 with Vista System, which one is for large cylinder and a Spectrum Decorative also for large cylinder.

incisione elettronica cilindri per rotocalco

Repro Department

We operate in different sectors of the Workd do gaphics, such ad Rotogravure, Flexo and Offset, and for different application. We can edit eand adjust graphics already existing and creatinf new ones.


Reparto grafica

Chemical Etching

In addition to rhe classic method we have installed a new system for chemical etchinng with laser exposure, which can certainly give a higher definition in tect for eliminating the problem of screened edges, we are also able to go deeper eith various kind of screens on the same cylinder, dor anu kind of application.

Incisione Autotipica

Print Proofs

We have two test press macnines, Headford, one for small and medium size, and one for large cylinder.

Prova di stampa rotocalco

Direct Laser Engraving

We have a direct laser with YAG Tecnology able to engrave at very high resolution on copper, steel and many others metals. Ideal for realization of multi-level embossing cylinder and coating cylinders that require a large volume.

Incisore laser diretto rotocalco

Flexo Plate Engraving – Exposure

Cyrel® 1000 EC/LF is a compact unit for exposure and post exposure with high tecnology that can be used with all kinf of phoyo polymeric Flexo plates Cyrel® e Cyrel® FAST.


Cyrel fast

Developing Machine

Cyrel® FAST 100TD, is a system that enables you to produce High Quality Flexo Plates with a Dry Thermal developing System Which eliminates solcents from the production department. Beside gives you the possibility to produce plates up to 900×1200 mm. in short time.

Cyrel fast 1000 td


Based on (FTA e GATF) tecnology of Esko Cyrel™ Digital Imager (CDI), the most reliable unit for Flexo Engraving. CDI Spark 4835 HD is a purpose for Flexo Printer using medium size of materials. Thanks to is own Hogh Definition able to reach screens up to 200 lpi and resolution from 2540 up to 4000 dpi.

Ctp Hp

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